How to remove or delete cell formats from excel

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Well, as far as Microsoft Excel is concern, there are two aspects of formatting which are very important in any worksheet: Cell Appearance Formatting and Cell Value Formatting. Cell Appearance Formatting includes cosmetic details like alignment, borders, typeface, and color.

But Cell Value Formatting, on the other hand, controls the manner Excel displays numbers, dates and times (i.e. it lets you control how Excel displays numeric data in a cell.) For dates, Cell Value Formatting determines the order of the date the cell displays, and the parts it displays. With numbers, this contains details like number of decimal places, the use of currency symbols, whether to use scientific notations, percent signs, and commas.

In this particular guide, I will explain to readers how to remove Cell Value Formatting from your worksheet. That’s how to remove the percentage signs, commas, currency symbols and others which were done using the Cell Value Formatting.

Why would you want to remove formatting again if you put it yourself? It could be for many reasons depending on the work you are doing. Maybe you mistakenly included currency symbols or percentage signs to a row or column which cannot be corrected again using the undo command, or maybe you mistakenly set some decimal values to fraction through the Cell Value Formatting and wanted to return to decimals again.

Correcting this is pretty simple:

Option 1

This option is the simplest option to clear or remove cell formats and it is done by through the following.

  • Select the range of cells whose formatting you wish to remove/clear.
  • Select Home >> Editing >> Clear >> Clear Formats, as shown in the picture below:

How to remove or delete cell formats from excel

Option 2

1. Select the cells or cell whose formatting you wish to remove/delete.

2. Right click the selection and choose format cells.

3. The format cells dialog box appears as shown below:

Display or hide excel table header

4. Set the format option to General by clicking General.

5. Click OK

Option 3

  • Select the cell, row, column or range of cells whose formatting you wish to remove.
  • Select the Home tab and navigate to the number group just after the alignment group.
  • In this group, you’ll see a rectangle with the format type you used for the cells and a small arrow, click on the small arrow.
  • You should see a drop down list of formatting as in the picture below:

Display or hide excel table header 2

  • Select the first format option (i.e. the General formatting). You should notice that the formatting you used earlier is gone.

The general Format can be used to clear formats because it is Excel’s standard number format that applies no special formatting.

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